4-Year Lunar Phase Prediction Calendar

The four-turn spiral in the moonspiral calendar is a scientific graphic depiction of some of the patterns involving the Sun, Earth, and Moon, and how they interact. One of the goals of the style concept is to show how scientific information can be accurately represented in forms that push the bubble of western knowledge explanation systems. Traditional western scientific thought textbooks tend to portray these patterns with mathematic formulas, tables, and text.

Another aspect of the design is the fact that these astronomic phenomena are cycles within cycles, mostly circular in nature. The moonspiral calendar seeks to remind users of this circular, cyclical nature.


To purchase the recent 4-year moonspiral calendar please contact us from the ‘contact’ page. Since this calendar is only published on a 4-year basis, you may be asking to purchase this during mid-timing, and would only receive a fraction of the 4-year useful timeframe. We wish to adjust your purchase price accordingly. The calendar also ships in a cardboard tube. The cost of shipping these tubes has gone up dramatically in the last few years. We will have to calculate shipping costs based upon your zip code. Sorry, no international shipping.