Major Lunar Standstill moonrise, Chimney Rock, Colorado
Moon Cycle


The perception and understanding of lunar
phenomena as observable with naked-eye astronomy

The Moon has a rather obscure long cycle known as the Major Lunar Standstill cycle or in terms of astronomers, the regression of the lunar orbital nodes. Welcome to the site I hope will answer some of your questions about this Lunar phenomena as observable with naked eye techniques.

Naked eye techniques also means that the information presented here has been available to people throughout history with simple but persistent observation techniques. There is no need of numbers, math, or even a written language to develop proficiency at knowing and predicting these lunar cycles.

A ‘Lunar Standstill’ is a bit like a Solar Standstill which we have named ‘Solstice’ in modern English. There is another orbital cycle within this lunar standstill cycle which we (somewhat incorrectly) call a ‘Major Lunar Standstill’ or a ‘Minor Lunar Standstill.

I have a short book called “MoonTracks” that endeavors to explain this lunar cycle in easily understood language with lots of diagrams. I have been writing an email newsletter called “MoonTracker” which gives the monthly or semi-monthly information on the lunar standstills.